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Vote for Diretone to play Sweden Rock 2015

Dear friends! Please give us 5 minutes of your precious time, to vote for Diretone so we can show Sweden Rock Festival and every one else, what we’re all about.
Every vote counts, so lets make this happen people!!

Thanks \m/

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Two new video’s within the last half year, one of them was for our new single – Triggered, the other one was from our debut album which we never got the chance do until now – Drawn to Life.
We hope that you’ve been watching and share our video’s with your friends and enjoying them during the course of your summer holidays…
We’ve got a couple of exciting things in the mix at the moment that we’re looking forward to sharing with you all… more about that when we get confirmation and get a little further in the processes of the different things we’re up to.

So, until next time friends!!

Stay safe,






Drawn to Life – New video release

Triggered by Diretone

Diretone live June 28th with Drivenfield















New picks arrived from InTune Guitar Picks, Inc

2014-05-15 20.19.51

Triggered Video


Click here for direct link to our new video:  Triggered






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