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Diretone,  2013

Combine heavy groove, scorching leads, down-tuned guitars, clean yet aggressive vocal delivery, and a traditional approach to metal songwriting.

November 25th 2011 the band released their debut full length record.

The style is groove metal with nods to the big names and pioneers throughout metal history. The southern feel of Pantera and Down, the aggression from thrash, the duelling guitars of NWOBHM, and Metallica’s sense of arrangement are all evident in the band’s songs. And instead of venturing into winding and overly technical sections, the focus is on accessibility and the band’s impact as a whole. Diretone is essentially a live band and is guaranteed to leave heads banging in front of the stage.



Diretone Logo 1















-  D I R E T O N E  -



L A R S  H Ø R N I N G  -  B A S S  G U I T A R  &  V O C A L S



B R I O N  W E K I N  -  D R U M S


















Recordings for the album began in 2010 when the band entered the studio with producer Lasse F. Ebbesen. Vocals were recorded at Earplug Studio with Thomas “Pede” Pedersen, and with the mastering left to Invocator mastermind and Danish metal guru extraordinaire, Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Mercenary, Destruction), maximum audial onslaught is ensured.
The album was released through Gateway Music on November 25th. 2011 The record is physically available in select stores and via, and digitally via the Gateway webshop, European iTunes stores, and your standard digital distributors. The band turned down both English and German labels in order to keep total control of the release.






Track list for Diretone (2011):
1. Nerve (4.12)
2. Bitter (3.23)
3. It Never Ends (4.12)
4. Cold (4.11)
5. Drawn to Life (4.25)
6. Got to Believe (5.23)
7. While You Forget (3.33)
8. Eyes Wide Shut (3.34)
9. Antidote (3.41)
10. Road (5.19)

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